Wong Shun Leung

Wing Chun is a pressure based Martial Art originating from southern China.

It uses comprehension of pressure to read threat and produce automatic responses in the individual using feeling as a guide.

It gained popularity in the 1970’s after it was publicised as Bruce Lees mother art.

It has gained a resurgence of interest in recent years through many movie representations and also a relaxing of attitudes concerning the transmission of the art making it much easier for the student to aquire and develop.

It is famous for both its efficiency and speed of delivery operating to quash violent confrontation in minimal time frame.

Ip Man, John Wick, The Matrix, and The Bourne Identity movies all contain Wing Chun-esque representations of combat.

Wing Chun Kung Fu has a variety of lineages (approaches). Wing Chun under Sifu John Lobb represents the Wong Shun Leung / Gary Lam Lineage and a true pedigree.


Ip Man > Wong Shun Leung > Gary Lam > John Lobb

Ip Man was the first individual to teach Wing Chun publicly in 1950’s Hong Kong teacher to |Bruce Lee

Wong Shun Leung was Ip Mans prize fighter, completing roughly 50 unbeaten bareknuckle bouts on Hong Kong rooftops. Also teacher to Bruce Lee

Gary Lam was Wong Shun Leungs head coach for 16 years. He has operated schools in both Hong Kong and Los Angeles California. His accolades and services to Wing Chun are too numerous to mention.

Wing Chun came to be through hundreds of years of continued development, seeking the most practical and efficient way to face violent and potentially dangerous combat situations.

Its methods differ greatly to most other Martial Arts as Wing Chun is efficiency based rather than sports based.

This means Wing Chun is interested in the immediate cessation of violent behaviour where possible.

Aiming to close a violent encounter in minimal time frame.

The time frame we allot to this presently is three seconds per individual.

Wing Chun also exhibits key attributes to offset a size strength deficit so it is suitable to all individuals regardless of age size or gender.

Wing Chun uses a series of mechanisms to achieve its aim.


Wing Chun uses a series of mechanisms to achieve its aim



Grounding is as much about a stable mind as it is about a stable body.
Grounding is a set of techniques to improve the connection to oneself and the floor beneath us.



Feeling is about reading and interpreting pressure.
Fighting (punching, kicking, pushing, pulling, throwing) is a series of pressures.
Each pressure has a set value.



Power is complex…
True power is a number of attributes layered and utilized simultaneously.
Physical power is always guided and aided by mentality.


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