Warrington Martial Arts Studio

Private Lessons – Tuesday-Sunday
(1 hour per week min.)

Sifu John currently teaches Wing Chun to adults on a private basis Tuesday to Sunday.

Wing Chun is a sophisticated Martial Art. It requires diligence and concentration.

Its undertaking is a personal investment requiring regular teacher to student contact.

All students are required to complete a minimum of one hour private tuition with Sifu John per week.

This is the only way to adequately build and transfer skill.


Public Lessons – Thursday evenings

In addition to this there is a public class held on Thursday evenings open to all members once they have completed a foundation module.

This class is free to all students involved in one to one tuition and an opportunity for club members to practice the skills learnt with Sifu John as part of a group.

Contact John

Make an enquiry about joining the club by clicking the link, or please call or message John on 07725 267 952