Sifu John Lobb

Sifu John Lobb

  • I have been practicing Kung Fu since 1991 I have taught in support of my teachers since 1994
  • I Thai Boxed from 2002 – 2010
  • I stopped in 2010 when my commitment to teaching Wing Chun took precedence.
  • I began Wing Chun in 2002 and cross trained Wing Chun/Thai Boxing for the full eight years.
  • I left the UK to study Wong Shun Leung / Gary Lam Wing Chun full time in 2007 under my present teacher Sifu Gary Lam in Los Angles California.
  • I continued my studies In LA until 2012 when I qualified fully and imported Gary Lam Wing Chun back to the UK.
  • Prior to this the system was unavailable in the British Isles.
  • I opened my school in 2008.
  • It became a full time business in 2012
  • Since 2012 my commitment to the art and teaching means I complete an average of 5/7 hours a day Kung Fu practice/tuition.
  • In 2016 I wrote my own training interface for Wing Chun reverse engineered from full contact fighting.
  • I have been delivering this method as a fight ready interpretation of the Gary Lam/Wong Shun Leung method since 2016 with great success empowering individuals through competency and dutifully passing on the art with respect to those who preceded me.
Wong Shun Leung Lineage

Wing Chun Training

2002 – 2007
Chinese Kung Fu Organisation

Ip Ching Wing Chun
Under Instruction of Sifu Tong Liu

Ip Man > Liu Ying Yan/Ip Ching > Tong Liu > John Lobb

1991 – 1998

Zhuan Shu Kuan / Tai Tsung Kung Fu (Changquan/Sanda)

Under Instruction of Sifu Frederick McQueen Sifu Anthony Roberts & Sifu Derek Brown

Ang Lian Huat/C. K. Chang > Henry Koh > Fred McQueen > John Lobb

2007 – Present
Gary Lam Wing Chun System

Under personal instruction of Sifu Gary Lam in Los Angeles

Ip Man > Wong Shun Leung > Gary Lam > John Lobb

2002 – 2010
Wolfslair Muay Thai Warrington

Under instruction of Kru Dave Jackson & Coach Brian Austin

Master Toddy > Dave Jackson > John Lobb


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