What is Wing Chun




Grounding is as much about a stable mind as it is about a stable body.

Grounding is a set of techniques to improve one’s connection to the floor beneath us.

In doing so the floor can be used as a support base. Learning to sink and relax to funnel incoming pressure to the floor aids balance and assists in maintaining position and angle. The ground can also be used to create compression to create power at short distance that when delivered correctly supersedes that of bone and muscle alone.

If you imagine your back against a wall and an individual pushing you from the front, you don’t go anywhere. Wing Chun teaches you to unite with the floor and use the ground as an equivalent support base meaning you can hold a position, lock a body in place, absorb incoming pressure, issue from the floor into an object, hold on to your balance and not fall down.



Feeling is about reading and interpreting pressure.

Fighting (punching, kicking, pushing, pulling, throwing) is a series of pressures. Each pressure has a set value.

It has an aim, a target, a point of origin, a trajectory, a function and a result. Wing Chun is unique in that the training works to ‘code’ or ‘calibrate’ the students body and arms to a variety of set pressures. In doing so the body can begin to read and interpret the danger on the arms, before it hits the head/body. Using pressure to navigate the fight has distinct advantages, most importantly, it is able to interpret danger 20/50 milliseconds faster than hand eye coordination. It is therefore always operating faster than anyone solely using hand eye coordination to perceive danger.
Feeling is also therefore able to quantify the degree of danger relating to each pressure and make practical choices about how to engage.



Power is complex.

True power is a number of attributes layered and utilised simultaneously.

Physical power is always guided and aided by mentality.

Focus, intent and wilful behaviour are mental facets.

Resilience, patience, interpretation, memory, perception and deduction are powerful attributes acquired through training.

Body Mechanics, tendon/ligament utilisation, tonification of soft tissues and full body movement, ground unification and regular exercise, attunement to pressure and a superior relationship to oneself, the ground, and any object in touch, produce miraculous physical attributes.

Together, unquestionable power can be fostered in a short period of time unlimited in its growth and potential.

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